By the power of MALT, HOPS and AWESOMENESS, it's the North End Runners Smashed Dash!

Because it's time to blow off that cooped-up winter frustration by doing one of the things we do best - lacing up and drinking beer.

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On April 19, 2018, the North End Runners will host a 6K Pub Race.

The lowdown:
When: April 19, 2018 at 6:00 PM
What: A 3-person team PUB RACE covering 6K (and 3 beers each)
Why: We love to run and we love beer, let's smash the two together
How: It's $38 to register per team member. This cost covers your beer at each bar, and a post-event snack

The Rules:

  1. This is a team event! To participate, you must be a team of three 19-years-of-age or older. Please note that there is no individual sign up and participants must register as a team.
  2. All three members of your team will drink one drink each at each pub stop for a total of three drinks each during the race.
  3. Your team members will have one drink ticket each for each pub stop, and each must drink one entire beverage at each stop (a volunteer at each bar will be on hand to mark this task complete).
  4. Once each of your team members finishes their drink to volunteers' satisfaction, our volunteers will mark you as complete and you may leave the bar - you must leave each bar together as a team.
  5. All NINE drinks must be finished for your team's time to be counted.
  6. All teams must await volunteer confirmation before leaving the bar, and heed volunteers' safety warnings at all times on the route.
  7. All teams must stay on the prescribed course route.
  8. Teams must WALK INSIDE pub stops, follow crossing signals at all intersections, and proceed with caution at crosswalks.
  9. You must cross the finish line as a team.
  10. Fastest team wins.

Your team will risk a DID NOT FINISH for disobeying these rules.

Reminders and FAQ:

All drinks will be beer.

We will not be returning to the starting line once the race starts, so please plan accordingly.

Each team is allowed ONE drink ticket reassignment between their own members (so one member may opt to drink only two drinks, meaning another member must then drink four).

There will be prizes for the fastest all-female, all-male and mixed teams!

(Please email us if you don't see your question answered here)

~The Smashed Dash is now SOLD OUT~


1 A Few Good Men (Christopher, Andrew, Lee) M 26.00
2 Halifax Road Hammers (Michael, Jaime, Ian) M 26.01
3 d(RUN)k In Public (Shane, Jeff, Sarah) MIX 30.28
4 B.A.D A$$ (Brent, Devin, Anders) M 31.08
5 Chad's Angels (Damian, Bob, Jeff) M 34.04
6 Portland Street Pacers (Erin, Beth, Luke) MIX 34.14
7 Role Models (Syed, Bea, Craig) MIX 34.44
8 Lush Puppies (Kerry, Paul, Hugh) MIX 34.54
9 Mountain View Rummers (Dillon, Robyn, Mike) MIX 36.18
10 Beer Gutz and Coconutz (Juliette, Janna, Erin) F 36.52
11 The Greekalcholics (Nick, Leah, Micheline)
MIX 37.27
12 Bitter Run Fast (Katie, Marnie, Samantha) F 38.50
13 International Runners (Luc, Matthew, Matt) M 40.11
14 The Fighting Mongooses (Ron, Mico, Kathleen) Mix 43.15
15 MVR Boozers (Donald, Jason, Kim) MIX 44.25
16 Klompen Lederhosen and Kilt (Sheryl, Ron, Tom) MIX 50.25



We'll #runpartyrepeat at STILLWELL near the finish line.

There will be nibbles and MORE beer, and an awesome prize presentation for the top finishers.

Put on your drinking tights, it's time to pub race.