Time to ghost it. For those who are driving, walking, cycling, broomsticking or demon-manifesting their way to the rotary tonight, please make your way to the parking lot adjacent to Quinpool Rd, in between Quinpool and the Armview Restaurant. There is parking available.

We'll be leaving the rotary right at 7PM, so please arrive a little early.

(And don't forget those headlamps)

From the rotary, we'll be car-pooling up to the trailhead (if you arrived NOT in a car, we've got you covered).

After the run, we're headed to the Mayflower Curling Club's bar and lounge in the north end. We'll be giving away prizes, and the fine folks from The Food Wolf will be on hand if you're hungry.

Printed maps to the trailhead and the afterparty will be handed out at the rotary meeting point.

Click the image for a preview:

devil's night