Watch your steps, runners. It's dark and cold, and the season is doing its best to keep us on our toes - there's ice, slush and hidden traps making those sidewalks more like slip 'n slides.  Call out if you see any danger zones, let's watch out for each other and stay safe. This week we're looping the north, heading up North and Oxford Streets, hanging a right on Young to lasso the Hydrostone, up Novalea, across Duffus then back along Agricola. Make it a 4K by turning back at Gottingen/Novalea.

Map the route here.

Club wear is still available! If you haven't gotten your shirt yet, pick one up before or after the run and get your toasty layers on.

We leave right at 6PM  - even in inclement weather. Please try to arrive a little early.

Portrait of Alex Fraser wearing a bouclé hat with his dog in Halifax, 1909