Every Wednesday, rain or shine. We roll at 6PM SHARP, so it's good to show up a little early


North Brewing Co just south of North Street on Agricola

How far?

6K. Every week there's an alternate 4K distance ('the option')

How fast do you guys run?

Some like to rocket, some like to cruise - no matter your pace, you'll find a buddy

We only ask that you go hard or go home, and are able to run for at least 40 minutes straight before linking up with the crew

Is there a safe place to stow my stuff?

Our friends at North Brewing are happy to hang onto your personal items during a run, just ask

How much is it?


Can anyone come?

All are welcome

Can I bring my pup?

Dogs who own runners are welcome too, but make sure your dog has experience running in a large group

How can I get a shirt?

We're super grateful to our run friends Nike Running Canada for our crew wear. Get yours, look fast. Pickup only available in person

Did I hear you guys run trail?

Keep an eye on our social channels to know when you can link up with the #NERtimberwolves when they hit the woods

Did I hear you do speed workouts too?

From May to the end of August we run an interval or hill workout for #TNT (tuesday night track) at 6PM sharp at the Halifax common.

Did I hear you guys like beer?

It's true. Especially all the North Brewing Co seasonal deliciousness. There's a sociable after the first run of every month

If you don't see your question, holla at us here.